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Linen Dresses For Girls: From Casual Chic To Runway Ready

by Shubham Gulhane 29 Nov 2023 0 Comments
Linen Dresses For Girls

The obvious question bothering most of the kid girls’ parents out there is what to buy in the latest fashion for the spring season ahead. With changing trends, it becomes difficult for little girls and their parents to keep track of what’s in fashion and what’s not.

Fortunately, linen dresses remain in fashion all year long no matter what. Having at least one linen clothing for girls is a must as it is lightweight and allows the skin to breathe. Linen dresses come in various designs which in turn makes the selection process a bit exciting.

Moreover, linen clothing for girls can be worn on casual outings as well as special occasions. So, if you are also wondering about choosing linen clothing for girls but are unable to decide, Chi Linen has got you covered.

Here are some of the popular styles for you to choose from.

Characteristics of Linen Fabric

Linen has been in existence for thousands of years in the making of high-quality fabric. Linen happens to be the obvious choice of people because of its durability, strength, and softness despite the availability of a wide range of fabrics today.

Let’s take note of some of the characteristics of linen that make it a must-have for everyone.

Durable- Linen is a lightweight and durable fabric. With each wash, it becomes softer and stronger than cotton which makes it a long-lasting fabric.

Breathable- Another important characteristic of linen is that it is breathable and allows the air to flow through which in turn makes linen dresses the most comfortable even in warm weather.

Comfortable- No other fabric is as comfortable as linen. Moreover, linen dresses are suitable even for girls with sensitive skin types.

Versatile- Linen clothing is also versatile which means that it can be worn on several occasions be it casual or some special occasion.

Popular Styles from Chi Linen Dresses 

With the range of designs, styles, colours, and patterns to choose from, it can get confusing for you to decide which linen dresses to have for your girl. Consequently, we have come up with some popular styles to make the decision easy for you.

Classic 3-piece set

Classic 3-piece set

Our classic 3 piece set is a must-have for your girl. The 3 piece set includes a shirt, tube top, and classic shorts. It’s a full-sleeve shirt with intricate cuff detailing to make the whole outfit stand out.

Then there’s a tube top to be worn inside the shirt along with classic shorts having detailing on the front panel. Your girl can either wear it as a co-ord set or separately. Also, you can choose your colours of tube tops, shirts, and shorts from the colour options given.

Drawstring Trouser

Drawstring Trouser

Another stylish linen clothing for girls out there is drawstring trousers. The trouser comes with a drawstring at the waist allowing the girls to adjust it according to the waist size. Your girl can wear it every day as it is super comfortable and relaxing.

You can pair these trousers with any linen top from our collection. Get these drawstring trousers at just Rs. 1900 and make your girl look chic.

2-layer play skirt and crop top set

2-layer play skirt and crop top set

Our 2 layer play skirt and crop top set is another perfect one to make your girl look stylish and runway-ready. The crop top has an elastic at the waist and the bottom of the sleeves to give it a puffy look.

There is also a two-layered play skirt that too with an elasticated waist for the perfect fit. This skirt and crop top set can be worn on nearly all occasions.

Suspender frock

Suspender frock

The next popular option for you to choose is suspender frock. With ruffle detailing on the waistline, a suspender frock is perfect for your girl. Our suspender frock also has an elasticated waist at the back to ensure a good grip.

You can pair this frock with any round-neck top from our collection. Grab this suspender frock at Just Rs. 2600.

Choosing The Right Fit

One obvious question hovering in the minds of people when shopping for Girls' Linen Dresses Online in India is whether they will fit correctly or not.

Choosing the right fit for a linen dress involves considering your body type and measurements. So, here’s the size guide for different body types.

How To Measure

Bust- When measuring the bust, make sure that the tape is snug, not tight, and measure around the fullest part of the chest.

Waist- Measure the narrowest part of the torso to get an idea of the natural waistline of your girl.

Hips- When measuring the hips, ensure that the tape is parallel to the floor and measure the fullest part of the hips.

You can also look forward to the size chart with each product and how-to-measure video to ensure you are choosing the right fit for your girl.

Size As Per Body Types

Apple shaped figure

The girls with apple-shaped figures should opt for the belted, A-line dresses or dresses with full skirts to draw attention to their upper body.

Pear figure

The girls with pear-shaped figures look best in fitted and open-neck dresses.

Straight body

The girls having a straight figure should opt for dresses that add curves to their waist such as belted dresses or dresses with embellishments.

Sustainability In fashion

Linen stands out as a sustainable fabric in the fashion industry for multiple reasons such as biodegradability, eco-friendly production, durability, comfort, timelessness, versatility, and the list goes on.

Linen breaks down naturally and causes no harm to the environment. It does not leave any harmful residues behind which leads to a sustainable fashion cycle.

Moreover, linen is a timeless aesthetic and is less likely to go out of fashion.

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Wrapping Up

You can now easily select the ideal linen dresses for girls that suit their personality and make them look stylish as well by considering the fit, style, colour, comfort, and quality. Explore our linen collection now and choose the one that seems the best for your girl.

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