Linen Treasures For Little Ones

Linen Treasures For Little Ones

The Fun-Filled Everyday

Comfortable, timeless, and easy-going, our linen clothing inspires the next generation to explore freely, connect with nature, and find wonder at every turn.

Slowly, Sustainably

A profound love for our surroundings is woven into our very fabric. The designs we bring into the world seamlessly coexist with nature, as does our production process - from responsibly sourcing our organic linen to empowering local artisans.

Linen Shorts and Shirts

Nodding to the versatility of linen, the designs seamlessly transition from playtime to important moments.

Adorned with delicate details, our linen kids' clothing easily outlasts seasonal trends

Chi Linen is handcrafted from one of the world's most sustainable fabrics in small batches.

 Kids Linen Clothing
Linen Boys Shirts

Nature reserved a unique magic for linen. It's gentle yet long-lasting, breathable yet comforting, lightweight yet absorbent. Knowing just how kind it feels on delicate skin, we could not have found a better fabric for children's wardrobes.

The organic Oeko Tex linen we source is exceptionally soft and soothing. Unlike garments crafted from synthetic fabrics, our pure linen clothes never feel itchy or cause irritation, making them a joy to wear time and time again. Linen is just as kind to nature - it's crafted more sustainably than others, it's biodegradable, and lasts for decades when cared for.

Linen Clothes
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The collections are also endlessly versatile; from important gatherings to carefree every day and thrilling journeys, they'll accompany every moment with bliss.

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Crafted With Care

Linen Skirt for Girls

Comfort Naturally Comes First

Working with a small, trusted group of designers and craftsmen, we bring the Chi Linen vision to life through hand-cut silhouettes, intricate needlework, and traditional techniques.

Flared Frock

Our home is known for its respect and commitment to artisanal excellence, so we wanted to keep production close.

Offsetting the impact of fast fashion, our designs are individually made with a love for linen, nature, and your child.

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Whether a breezy shirt, elegant dress, or pair of dungarees, our designs always fit well, never too tight or slouchy. Amongst the finishing touches, you'll find delicate pleats, ruffled hems, and patch pockets effortlessly elevating the relaxed silhouettes.

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