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How to Choose the Right Toddler Clothing for Your Needs

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Choose the Right Toddler Clothing

Keeping up with a constantly growing and exploring toddler is no easy feat for any wardrobe. Overall comfort, breathability and the right fit are all key when it comes to childrens clothes, as well as withstanding marks caused by snacks and adventures. By picking the right toddler clothing, you can skip the discomfort, the ’too tight’ fits and the itching, and the constant outfit changes that come with them. Ready to build a wardrobe of well-made clothes your little will adore? We’ll show you how. Meet our selection of airy, soft and consciously made linen designs that will stand the test of (play) time.

Top Priorities When Choosing Toddler Clothes

Comfort: The King & Queen of Wardrobes

Did you know that the right fabrics can soothe and protect your toddler’s delicate skin? While most synthetic fabrics are known to cause irritation and develop allergies for babies, natural materials such as hypoallergenic linen can achieve the exact opposite. As it’s extremely soft, gentle and breathable, linen won’t cause any discomfort or itching, ensuring that your little one can comfortably have fun. Blending that with relaxed, slightly loose-fitting styles, our linen feels anything but restricting, ill-fitting or awkward.

Designs that Last

No one puts clothing to the test quite like toddlers. Constant climbing, active playdates, days spent outdoors…these are some of the adventures that will benefit from a long-lasting fabric such as linen. Machine washable and easy to care for, linen excels at maintaining its original strength, shade and shape year after year. This, alongside giving parents one less thing to worry about, also means that linen won’t tear or stain. Due to its handmade, high quality, our linen is especially enduring, with every seam carefully placed to withstand even the toughest play tests.

Room for Growth

Linen’s naturally easy-going shape is ideal for crafting slightly looser kids clothes that fit well, and for a long time. To help you make the most of your Chi Linen toddler clothing, we’ve added a couple of practical finishing touches to our designs, including stretchy cuffs and elasticated waistbands that grow with your children. If you found a few styles that have become absolute staples, we recommend buying the next toddler clothing sizes up to ensure your child won’t grow out of them anytime soon.

Choosing Clothes for Different Needs



As toddlers spend most of their time playing, whether that’s curious wandering or playground visits with friends, Chi Linen features a sharp focus on fun-ready clothing. Many of our designs are equally beautiful, comfy and enduring, whilst providing free movement – pieces you won’t find in classic kids clothing stores.

Highlights for playtime include the Romper with Hat, Jhabla and the 2 Pocket Shorts Set, all offering the same level for breezy comfort. Some opt for a classic snap-button closure while others feature an elasticated pull-on waist – both are ideal for speedy nappy and outfit changes.



It’s no surprise that linen is one of the most coveted bedding and sleepwear choices. Cool when it’s balmy outside and cosy when the temperature is slightly chilly, linen is the ultimate comfort fabric that’s also sweat-wicking. The family’s tiny members will love snuggling up in airy, temperature-regulating linen such as the Front Dart Romper or the Patch Pocket Romper. The best part? These dreamy pieces also double as daywear, making them an even better investment.

Special Occasions

Special Occasions

Pretty details can make all the difference when it comes to little wardrobes’ elegant designs. Our take on special occasion dressing for toddlers include the Peter Pan Collar Top and Skorts, the Bloom Romper, Bloom Romper for Boys and the Princess Line Co-Ord. Note their peter pan collars, playful buttons, cuffed sleeves and intricate stitching for a dash of sophistication. Big moments and important events often last all day, which is why we made all our childrens clothes endlessly comfortable, light and breathable.

Beyond the Basics: Practical Considerations

Easy to Dress, Easy to Undress

Changing can be a breeze anywhere and anytime when your little one’s clothing has functional finishing touches. The perfect examples are elasticated waistbands that are easy to pull down, buttons for simple undressing and snap-button closures for quick, seamless changes.

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Washing Machine Warriors

Although we have briefly touched on this previously, linen’s easy-care quality deserves even more praise. Besides cleaning very easily and well on a gentle machine wash cycle (or when being hand washed), it also dries without any ironing required.

For the Next Generation

Families of four or more will know how important durability is. With its outstanding quality, linen clothing can easily be passed down to siblings, while looking just as good and stylish as new.

Building a Better Future

One of the best ways to support our children’s future is choosing conscious, eco-friendly options that build a better future. We’re proud to contribute beyond momentary comfort by sustainably sourcing our linen, handcrafting each and every piece of clothing, and reducing fashion’s footprint.

Find The Perfect Chi Linen Design

If you’ve ever wondered ‘why the childrens clothes shops near me don’t have the style I’m looking for’, you’re not alone. The remedy to fast fashion, the Chi Linen collection accompanies your toddler’s exciting journeys with a soothing, soft feel, and plenty of style. We believe that by choosing the right fabrics and right clothing, little ones can feel confident, comfortable and free to experience nature’s magic.

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